Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not so Sunny, San Diego Photos

I'm back from San Diego, have gone through my photos and finally removed the blur on all the photos from the bit of fuzz that invaded my camera body sometime in San Diego.   After a few wonderfully hot and sunny days, the weather turned cloudy when Sis rolled into town.  With no opportunity for a serious tan, she and I decided to turn each new beach and cliff into a bizarre photo shoot.  The parents were ready to ground us at the point that we started doing weird senior photos--we are way too old to pass for high schoolers.  Fortunately for me, Sis has no idea how to work a focus ring, so mine are too blurry to share.  

Running family vacation joke:  Dad ran a lighthouse in a past life; we're still trying to figure out which one it was.  I insist that he pose in front of them on every trip.  
Brenda is a 24 year old high school senior.  

Scariest spot for lunch EVER, although quite the interesting view of Blacks Beach.  

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