Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's White House Correspondents Dinner Weekend!

Ever since Colbert hosted, I always look forward to waking up the morning after white house correspondent's dinner to check out the videos.  It brightens my morning news reading.  (I've been hearing lots of jokes this weekend about the fact that I don't get out of bed until 8 am each morning.  Now, if I still read actual newspapers, I would have to throw on the robe right away, sneak down the driveway hoping not to flash anyone, make some tea and sit on my back patio to read the papers, giving myself black hand.  Instead, I fire up the internet, read the morning's stories and don't have to get out of bed until closer to 8:30.)

What I'd forgotten about was how funny Obama and McCain were at the Alfred E Smith Dinner in the fall.  (Sidenote to all those ND protestors.  The New York (Arch)Bishop honored both McCain and Obama in the fall.  Quit protesting.  I'm sick of it and will take your graduation tickets to listen to him.  You might not be complaining if you had to sit through Dick Lugar's nuclear position statement as your commencement address.)  While we used to get a few funny moments with W, Obama was eager to kick off the show before letting Wanda take over.  

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