Sunday, May 10, 2009

It was a Good Day

The flowers are starting to bloom in the Park!

If I'm not trying to solve my problems in the pool, I'm often singing to myself (in my head, people), and Friday's song was Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day."  Not sure if I was doing the clean or dirty version--and who the hell gave me the clean version in college?  It wasn't until GTA San Andreas was playing at Paul's and I was rapping along using the clean version when he almost fell out of his seat.  The song was at least right about the whole weekend--well the title of the song.  I never really have to use my AK* in Connecticut or get to watch Yo! MTV Raps.

I'm exhausted and can hardly move, so here's a wrap-up:

-Swam, ran, wined on Friday
-Started massive painting project to cover Roses
-City on Saturday
-Massive humidity=sweaty, big haired Jessi
-Lunch with Randi, met her roomie and we people watched for hours on the West side
-Celebrity sighting!!  Richard Kind from Spin City.  
-Lost in the galleries in Chelsea.  Jeff Bark's show at Charles Cowles brought me down, but I was soon lost amid the constant in and out through the exhibitions.  Still hoping the inspiration lasts long enough to get some new stuff on my walls.  (Picking photos for printing later this week--will need lots of opinions.) 
-Dropped off the shirt that's been haunting me for the last week and had drinks with Perry in Hoboken, where the sun was actually out, watched it set and the sky turn that fantastic mix of colors that I love so much and almost makes me believe in something bigger than us.  
-Woke up early to make a video for my mom, complete with call-in from my brother.  Finally finished it and called her and Gams to wish them a Happy Mother's Day 6 1/2 hours away.
-Caught up with fake brother, Eric, for the fifth time this weekend.  If we ever figure out our love lives, I don't know what we'll have to talk about.
-Lots of painting--updated one of our coffee tables, hung an old painting in the kitchen, changed the frame on a canvas and continued the Roses project--not sure if I like it yet, but I've got lots of layers to paint still.  
-Super domestic day:  moved our furniture, filled in some holes on the walls and even did some plumbing!
-Another day of running and swimming.  Is it possible for my body to love and hate me so much at the same time?
-Capped it off with some Thai, calls with my favorite girls and am waiting for Jer to come home.  Screw Jer.  Bedtime here I come.  Eh, that boy always comes home right when I'm ready to go to sleep.  It's usually worth it, though.  

Someone call me and get me out of bed to run at 7.  Brownies to whoever actually does it anytime this week. 

*Did I really just joke about having an AK?  I've spent too much time with Republicans lately.  I hate guns.    

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