Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sometimes Jer is being good when he steals your cell phone and sometimes he isn't

Jeremy is really good at being a supportive older brother.  When my heart is broken or I'm just even a little sad, Jeremy will listen to me, give his interpretation of what's really going on and then steal my phone for a week if I shouldn't be talking to a certain boy for my own good.  

Last night was not one of those nights.

Jer Jer and I went grocery shopping, he contemplated buying a Hungry Man frozen dinner for 8 minutes, but I wouldn't let him and we ordered my favorite Mexican, instead.  Doctor Evie came home a few minutes after us, just as we were digging into the delicious ethnic goodness that is my three tacos al pastor with rice and beans.  (Jer, on the other hand, went with the Jody approved beef burrito. )

Evie loves my Mexican, so she walks in the house, sees this, declares her hatred for us and slumps in her chair and whines about the awkwardness of someone with a crush on her at work.  

Jer then decides to text this guy and ask him on a double date with us on Thursday, but Eves won't tell him the name.  Meanwhile, I keep asking Jer if we can hold hands on our double-date--he finds this to be irrelevant.  After Evie reads off a list of names, he manages to steal her phone and while he had a younger sister and knows just how to torment us, Evie is an only child and has no idea how to defend herself.  He managed to get a quick text off to one of her coworkers, plus some steamier ones to me, but the twenty minutes of Evie aggravation were priceless.  I've never seen someone so bad at defending herself.  

my girl finally has her phone back

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