Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jessi's Reading 4.23.9

There are far too many tabs open on my computer and links that I've emailed myself so here we go:

This video has left me a little indecisive.  85% of me wants to fly Jody, Kelly and I to some weird island for one of my fitness vacations, 12% of me wonders how horribly callused this guys feet are, and 3% of me wants to apply to work for him on his Brazilian experience trips.  You can read his philosophy at MovNat.

More video fun!  Bill Moyers had David Simon, creator of The Wire, on his show earlier this week (be sure to check out both segments).  I'm only on season two of the show, but love every interview, story and show I watch with him and his ideas on American society.  The Blue also posted his HBO pitch proposal last week.  I might dive into its 79 pages on my flight home but Isaac already checked it out and loved seeing which characters made it into the show, the various name changes and other nuances.  (I'm trying to upload it, but email if you want it.)

Thanks to The Road and The New Yorker's various columns about the coming apocalypse, I got a kick out of Wired's story about some strange monument in Georgia with instructions on how to survive the post-apocalyptic world.  And if you're not in the peach state and need some advice, this blog will get you through it.

 Justin A. sent us this link to Bill O'Reilly's investigation into a strange thing called Nintendo...three years after it came out.  Be sure to watch for the Nintendo help line guy's awesome hair-do.

Two things that I love?  Footloose (well, when I was 7, at least) and now Gossip Girl.  Rumor has it that Chace Crawford is going to be taking over Kevin Bacon's role!

I have been rambling on about my hatred of the USA Today newspaper to more and more people lately after my recent month of travel.  I often wonder to myself if hotels think I need a dumbed down and colorful version of the news rather than the stories and news items I expect from a paper like the New York Times.  I've been leaving the USA Today on the floor outside my door and racing to grab the Times or the Journal from the lobby before they disappear.  Plus, there's my whole hippie/green guilt over all those wasted papers.  Marriott is finally paying attention to all those wasted papers and is discontinuing the automatic paper drop service.  You can still request a select newspaper of your choice to be dropped upon check-in.  Not-so-fun fact:  Marriott was the first hotel to automatically deliver newspapers to guests rooms.  It started 25 years ago with a partnership with the USA Today and the Gannett Co.

Ellen and I discovered this site last Easter, where two friends post a different photo each day, side by side.  The project ended recently, but I've looked at all of their photos (and then I started looking into their other projects and companies.  It was a blend of creative jealousy and internet stalking all rolled into one.)

While this would've been timelier if I actually posted my reading catch-all around tax day, I still love the graphic design of this poster representation of how your tax dollars are divided.  

Slate has been posting an ongoing series of a writer's journey through the grieving process following the loss of her mother.   

Evie and Jeremy have been making fun of my recent desire to sell most of my belongings.  If only I lived closer to this hotel which is asking regular people to suggest items for the hotel to buy from them in order to eclectically decorate its room prior to the grand opening.  

While I'm also on a kick of trying to purge beer in my love in favor of gin and tonics, it's heartening to know that a UK pub is allowing customers to barter for a pint of beer.  

Finally, The Atlantic had a post about the American class system.  

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