Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jessi's Reading 4.1.9

It's April Fools Day and this day drives me nuts.  When the internet was new, it was cute when companies would pull an April Fools prank.  Now it drives me nuts.  This prank by ImprovEverywhere almost made me unsubscribe.  I'm entranced by cemeteries and their memorials, but doing improv at a funeral?  Thank god it was a prank, but I'm still raging inside about it.

Onto the type of comedy I can appreciate....A girls soccer coach in Massachusetts was asked to resign after his pre-season motivational email to the parents.  "Second place trophies are nothing to be proud of as they serve only as a reminder that you missed your goal; their only useful purpose is as an inspiration to do that next set of reps."  If I ever have a little Jessi, I want her to play for a coach like this and I'd look forward to every email throughout the season.  As he rightly poked fun at the overtly PC world that we live in where everyone's a winner, his goal was to coach these girls and build their self-confidence, if anyone made it to the end of the email they'd see that.  And the latest How I Met Your Mother was so timely, as Marshall begins coaching Lilly's kindergarten basketball team with his forceful determination to win, while she wants to sing pretty guitar songs about everyone being a winner.  Go Green Death!

I'm overly excited for the Where the Wild Things Are movie.  I loved the book as a kid, get excited every time Uncle Gregg wears his t-shirt and can't wait for this!  Bonus:  new version of the Arcade Fire song.  It also reminded me of this piece in the Times last fall.  

In one of our recent phone calls, FBF and I have been discussing our contentment with being single and not feeling the need to get married, even as we keep getting older.  Instead of lining him up as one of my backups, I've just decided that we're going to travel together through the years and then retire together.*  FBF's uncle has lived the glorious bachelor life in California for years and one of the tenets of this life style is that he must drive a black car.  When I was car shopping, FBF kept reminding me of Uncle Kenny's phrase about if it's not black, send it back or something like that.  However, the Governator has other plans as he's contemplating a ban on black cars as a way to fight carbon emissions.  

My company pays one of the founder's wives to come in and teach us management training and one of her big things is how awful millennials are.  For the last week I've been wanting to email her this piece from Slate.  Thank you crazy Boomers for living beyond your means and causing the "real world to throw up all over us."

Jorge Columbo does amazing artwork on his iPhone app.  I can't even draw stick figures and he can do this?  

I still need to visit Portland and when I do, I'm going to check out this house...built like a tree house for adults.  

*FBF doesn't realize how serious I am about this.  It might start to sink in when I send him tickets to Peru to hike to Machu Picchu.  

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