Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frequent Blog Contributor and Dear Friend Needs Our Help

I'd only seen Chuck at the Super Bowl before Nick began his SAVE CHUCK campaign, but these kids were fans even before!

All, the letter below was sent to the chairman of NBC by our good friend Nick Brown.  While he requested that I not post the letter, I told him my loyal readers would support the cause. 

Ben Silverman


3000 W. Alameda

Admin Building

Burbank , CA 91523

Dear Mr. Silverman,

First, let me congratulate you on having one of the most enjoyable shows on television.  My friends and I look forward to watching Chuck every week and have been quite pleased with the second season.  By writing I’m hoping you will consider renewing Chuck for a third season.

You’ll probably receive thousands of letters from people claiming the show deserves a third season because of the quality writing or entertaining stories.  Others might threaten to protest NBC programming in the event of cancellation.  I would rather offer some help.  I feel like Chuck has landed on the proverbial chopping block because of lack of understanding by the people selling the program.  

While Chuck is not a ratings juggernaut, it speaks to a very lucrative audience (me).  To validate this I ran syndicated data (see enclosed sheets).  Based on the data we learn the following:

  • Chuck’s core audience is male with a high disposable income
  • Chuck’s core audience is 26% (Index 126) more likely than the general public to attend movies
  • Chuck’s core audience is tech savvy and tends to endorse products among their friends

To put this into perspective I included data for Chuck’s primary competition (House viewers).  This is just a snapshot of what’s easily available but highlights just some of the ways Chuck should be positioned to marketers.  Clearly there’s an angle to sell this show but requires a little creativity to reach its full potential.  I hope you find this helpful.


Nick Brown

29 years old, CT

If you’re also a fan feel free to send letters to Ben Silverman.  You can also help by watching episodes on Hulu.  Being unfamiliar with the show, Nick recommended that I watch the episode below.  Reluctantly I watched and  became an instant fan.  Thinking about it, I haven’t been this satisfied by an hour of television since the debutante ball in the first season of Gossip Girl when Dan was accepted by Lily Van Der Woodsen.


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