Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Final Important Blog Post Before I Quit the Internet for a Few Days

The Jody beat me big time on Infinite Jest.  According to her last update, she was around page 400 and the plot was kicking in.  Then I get a voicemail from her as I got down to the pool saying she'd finished.  I thought this was a practical joke as I'm sitting on page 121.  

She wins. 

And we attribute this to her recent spate of lame, sober weekends at home.  Plus, my magazine backlog that I finally cleared through.  DFW and I are hanging out at the pool a bunch this week, but I still have to finish before the 4th of July weekend of brother's wedding and our trip to Falling Water, where we'll find some time to have book club discussion about the wonders of Infinite Jest.  

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