Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend with my Fake Future Husband, Eric

Eric and I were super tourists this weekend

Eric and I had a fabulous weekend in the city, with a brief sojourn to the country to spend Saturday night.  The boy took me into Times Square far more times than I like to go in a season, but that's my only complaint about the weekend.*  

No, Jody, Eric did not propose, even though we already have a wedding registry.  He's like my little brother, we can't be married, but you can buy us gifts!  Besides my people live in different parts of the city from most of his people, leaving the UWS as our only mutually agreeable neighborhood. 

These are Eric's people
Huajia would love the dogflowers

Our rickshaw driver needed a fancier bike

*There's another whole story about our disastrous trek to Newark, when the GPS turned on me and the tollbooth lady gave me a big lecture about breaking traffic law.  Has she not seen my speeding ticket photo from Phoenix?

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