Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dallas has been overtaken by Britney fans

My Dallas adventures continued yesterday with a surprise visit from Nick Welsch, who was in Texas for business.  Yay for facebook updates bringing it all together in an afternoon...if only Cutter could've driven down!  Nick had to go onto Waco, so we were meeting in the lobby of the W at 6 to hit the nearby sushi place, but the lobby was overwhelmingly full of women with a lot of collagen, saline and other forms of plastic.  Turns out those might've been the Pussy Cat Dolls.  The sushi place was able to squeeze us in, but they were booked for the night due to the women of Dallas loving their Britney Spears.  Everyone was out in their whoriest attire for Britney, Bitch.  (I so wish I'd gotten a photo of the boyfriend and girlfriend wearing matching, "It's Britney, Bitch" homemade t-shirts.  Instead I was too busy photographing Sudol with the schoolgirl Britneys.)

We ended up at another bar full of Britney fans on their way to the show.  Haven't heard how the show was, nor have I had a Britney sighting.   The girl was in my hotel at Super Bowl and now in Dallas, but I never spotted her, due to the back of house elevators!

Onto the photos...

i have a thing for hotel rooms with see-through showers.  blame it on our trip to san diego, when the shower split the suite into the living room and bedroom.  giving the person on the couch a full view of what was going on in the least that wall had a slightly gauzy finish.

Eric in front of the costumed Britney fans.  

Love the saddle shoes!

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