Sunday, April 5, 2009

Banged up from the weekend

Apparently, I should try to stay in the pool for most of my waking hours.  Today I fell down half a flight of stairs, tripped on a rock while trail running before twisting my ankle a few miles later.  The first incident left me shaking for a few minutes, while the later two were just typical clumsiness.   Either way, I'm sore all over and will be inspecting the bruising later.  I also dropped a champagne flute while catering last night, but I blame that on the rich woman who threw her coat and purse onto my left arm while I was serving drinks on a tray in my right.  

And as for my non-waking hours, I haven't had a night terror in a few weeks, but I also can't find my way out of my bedroom in the middle of the night, because I think I'm still at the W, where there are no doors to the bathroom.

I need to stop traveling.  

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