Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Reasons why I love Jeremy

Reason One
Jeremy is packing up his room, which makes me sad and insistent on a guy hug* when I came home tonight.  He found a mar on the floor and I told him that it had been there even when I had that room.  His face perked up and he said, "Is that why all your friends think this is your room?"  Good reasoning, but not true.  They'd never been here when I lived in that room.

My friends have taken to randomly diving into bed with Jeremy after the holiday party the last two years.  Our favorite blogebrity, Brett, dove in after heading to the bathroom two years ago.  Fortunately, he was wearing a tuxedo and not in his skivvies.  Unfortunately, Jer had been asleep for hours and did not want to snuggle.  This year, Sam just decided to hang out with Jeremy until he told Sam, "I don't want to be inhospitable, but I'm going to bed dude."  His response: "I don't want to go to a hospital either."

Jeremy accepts all of my crazy friends attempts to cuddle throughout the night.  Evie locks her door whenever I have people stay over.  

Reason Two
Jer loves mental torture.  (See what happens when he steals our phones--sometimes good, sometimes bad.)  Evie would not move her pile of random possessions and mail from the last four months, even though we were showing the apartment and needed to take photos of Jer's furniture.  So he and I decided to give away whatever she obviously didn't need.  Then a week later, he posted it to Craigslist

Green couch and loveseat for sale. Somewhat worn from use - some small holes in the fabric, but otherwise in good condition. The large couch has a sleeper in it as well. 

- Couch 
- Loveseat 
- Pillows 
- Matching hassock/ottoman 
- All my roommate's stuff that she's parked on the smaller couch if she doesn't move it before you pick it up. 

Take away only - available mid-May. E-mail me and we'll work out the logistics. 

  • Location: Stamford
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1148357837-0

image 1148357837-1
*Jeremy is going to have to be ready for lots of random hugs over the next month, as I protest his departure, plus my usual I just need a guy hug cause my day sucked moments.  

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SARAHSPY said...

that couch looks awesome!