Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Woody's Alltime Favorite Albums

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Oh Woody.  Remember that Paula Abdul song, Opposites Attract?  That is so Woody and I.  He's a crazy Republican, I'm an even crazier liberal independently registered Democrat supporting girl.  He thrives on country and offered to be my Vegas cover band correspondent.  I like cool indie covers.  There is no one with whom I enjoy discussing our strong differences in opinion more than Woody and I love that he produced a list that is so far from what all my same musically minded friends would pick.  Here's what Woody sent:

As a Texan at heart...I wish I had more country to give you, but alas, here is my list.

Pat Green - What I'm For (2009)

Garth Brooks - No Fences (1990)

Brooks and Dunn - Brand New Man (1991)

Only borderline "in" band I ever enjoyed...and saw in concert:

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (1997)

High school days spent listening to music that made my parents proud:

Tears for Fears - Songs from the Big Chair (1985)

Forest Gump Soundtrack (1994)

Became a big fan of after seeing in concert: 

Neil Diamond - Hot August Night (1972)

I'm not a big fan of female country artists, and as much as it kills my Republican heart: 

Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces (1998)

(Editor's Note:  Woody is so unpretentious with his music selection that he even threw a brand new album on there!  I love it!!)


Jessi said...

I just have to say that when I was in Phoenix a few weeks ago, we ended up in a restaurant that seemed stuck around my high school graduation. For a while they were playing nothing but random songs from Third Eye Blind's self-titled. It was a surprisingly enjoyable soundtrack for our dinner, as I hadn't put the album on in ages.

Then it progressed into The Verve's Freshman, that I'm a Bitch song, and basically anything you can imagine from the moody days after the death of grunge.

Paul said...

Awesome. You do realize this fall will bring our 10 yr HS reunion? Yeah, old.

Jessi said...

Why do you have to keep bringing up the reunion????

At least I'll always be younger than you :)