Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Celebrating Two of My Favorite Holidays this Weekend!

While I don't expect anything to top St. Patty's 2008 in Chicago, I'm heading to that little town across the river for some Hoboken (Week Before) St. Patty's Day on Saturday.  Hoboken tends to not disappoint, so as long as I can have some green beer, I'll be quite happy.  Still debating about using my free flight and heading to Chicago before it expires next weekend...

My day is also going to be overrun by costume changes, most likely outside my car between events.  After the green I have to look respectable (aka Dressy Jessi) for a birthday dinner that evening with drinks afterwards, then it's into my Texas clothes for the final round of Texas Independence Day 173 parties.  

I saw Jeff again on Tuesday and he gave me an early surprise gift... the official koozie for the party!  While it's not green, it'll be keeping my beer cool in Hoboken before the Texas party.  

Daddy Hakola is coming to town, too.  So even though Woody will be busy with his PhD comp and FBF is in training in California, the Bobcats will be well represented.  Let's hope things are as great as last year...

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