Monday, March 16, 2009

This registry thing really is the gift that keeps on giving

A few weeks back I was supposed to have jury duty, but that was canceled, so I instead chose to do some secret shopping.  However, this one was unlike my usuals.  I love a good story, but I'm a horrible liar and that day I would be signing up for not one but two bridal registries at different stores.  

I was on the phone with a few friends before beginning this and trying to figure out which of my friends would be my future husbands for the day.  I knew that I needed a real person from my life, so there'd at least be a bit in story that I could improvise from.  Woody and I started eliminating our friends who might get married in the next few years and Jody kept laughing at the prospect of me picking someone who I might actually marry and then having to explain that I'm not psychotic and haven't had our wedding gifts picked out for years.  

Knowing a safe bet when I see one, it was easy to pick our two friends who are unlikely to marry soon, if ever.  I called Eric and said, "Hey we're gonna get married."  "What'd you say?"  "I'm just making a registry, it's okay."  "Yeah, sure.  Let's do it."  Weir didn't pick up his phone and I just left a preemptive apology, told him I had a confession and to call me.  He was only upset that we didn't register at a better place than Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

I'd pretty much forgotten about the registry after the first week.  My friends and I laughed over another strange thing I'd done and it was over in my mind.  Then I came into the office to find a voicemail from the Stamford BB&B, the woman spoke in a concerned voice, "Hi Jessi.  It's Cheryl in China.  I was just looking at your registry and the wedding is coming up soon (on July 11).  Give us a call and we'll make an appointment for your gift selection."

Funny, but nothing compared to the call that I got on Sunday from Eric.

"I have the best story, Jessi."  His ex sent him a text asking "Are you and Jessi getting married?"  With a text like that he had to call her back and she had to admit that she'd been googling him that afternoon.  "I knew you guys were close, but getting married in October?"

My Two Fiancees at the Last OU Wedding

You have no idea the number of fashion foreplay calls that his outfit inspired before the wedding

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