Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thanks to Lent, This is How we Spend our Saturday Afternoons in Ohio

It's been a busy five days in Ohio, as I went from Akron to Cleveland to Alliance to Columbus and back. I got to see most of my extended family, plus some of my favorite Bobcats. The ever elusive Married Friend even made an appearance! I headed to Columbus yesterday to see Weir & FBF for the day/night. Since Weir gave up alcohol for Lent, he was game for kicking the day off at FBF's kickball game with me, plus our dog-for-the-day, Justice. We were the picture of domesticity...or as close as Weir and I will ever be to domestic life.

FBF and I were on the lookout for any members of WAKA, who followed us around the streets of New Orleans with kickballs and mardi gras beads. Fortunately, we didn't find any of the guys who'd accosted Nicole a few years ago.

Thanks to FBF's OCD/ADD, we made multiple stops around Columbus all night--march madness, graduation and birthday parties, cover bands, but we never made it to the Princeton Club. When Weir was with us, FBF drank O'Douls and when he wasn't PBR was the drink of choice, plus some Sapporo in Tetsuro's honor--and yes, we called Japan last night, but only got to talk to his wife.

I'm boarding my flight in an hour and it's back to NY/CT for two days before my Orlando/Dallas trip!

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