Monday, March 9, 2009

So SARAHSPY Declared this Alltime Favorite Albums Week

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I love random declarations.  After all, I did decide to trade zodiac signs with one of my good friends, because it just felt right to be a Leo, not a Virgo, and I was sick of always being drawn to Scorpios and Tauruses.  Then I sent it to my address book to see what people would say. 

So you can imagine that I was excited to see SARAHSPY's declaration that this was going to be Alltime Favorite Albums Week and she even made a fun little banner.  My friends and I had some good emails about it and then I completely forgot until yesterday.  So this week, I'll be pulling up the lists from my friends and trying to come up with my own lists.  That's right, lists.  There's the super early/formative years of my dad's vinyl and my first cassettes, the middle school years as I started to come into my own musical space and everything thereafter.  

Feel free to join in the fun and add your comments after the posts.  And if I can find our old documents from the days that we all picked our Top 25 songs of all time (Kevin Haney rule applies here:  Only two songs from a single band, lest it be all Led Zep), I'll add that as a fun little bonus at week's end.  

Happy listening!  (Or maybe it's some moody listening that you're into...)

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SARAHSPY said...

yay, glad you're into it too!! :)