Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Randomness from my travels

The only nice view I found in Cleveland

These are my favorite heels and they're traveling the country with me.

I hate Orlando's airport and the fact that they tore the ceiling off the terminal and exposed all this dust didn't help.  

Dinner with Hedo

This is what happens when you swim 3 miles outside after a winter at the JCC

The dad was rocking an FBI belt buckle.  I am serious about this.  
The Asian media was blocking our view of golfers putting and walking through from our table at the Bay Window.  

Tiger Woods walks through the putting green after hole #9.  We had to ask the asian media to get out of our way!

These are the best golf pants that I have ever seen.  

Remember when Evie and I were the only people watching Swingtown?  This girl looks just like her favorite character.

AG, everybody!!
My Sunday by the pool...

I laughed every time I walked by this couple.  The guy looks like a guy I know that I'm not supposed to talk to anymore, but they can't keep us apart!

The new football stadium in Dallas.  


SARAHSPY said...

im jealous of those calf muscles, girl! but not the sunburn :(

Jessi said...

the sunburn has turned into a glorious tan. i might be a pale irish girl most of the time, but when the sun finally finds me, i turn brown :)