Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nick Brown's Alltime Favorite Albums

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Nick had a lot of fun putting this list together, then I told him that Chuck's was better.  This was followed by some pouting and hanging the phone up on me when I called.  That should let you know how much fun he had putting this together for his heart to be so broken.  Nick gets credit for realizing what the hot hip hop jams are months before I ever come around to him, thus prompting me to text him that he's right whenever I hear the song months later in an UES bar.  Oh and he, too, gets points for being honest, not pretentious.  Here's Nick's list:

This was actually pretty fun.  The hardest thing was not including Bruce.  I didn’t think greatest hits was acceptable and couldn’t choose one album.  Other artists suffering from Springsteen’s disease include Journey, Billy Joel, Madonna, George Thorogood and Bob Seger.  I feel like that needs to be mentioned. 

No alias needed.  

Nick’s Top 15:
1)      Notorious BIG: Ready to Die (1994)

2)      Nas: Illmatic (1994)

3)      Bush: Sixteen Stone (1994)

4)      Fugees: The Score (1996)

5)      Third Eye Blind: Third Eye Blind (1997)

6)      Notorious BIG: Life After Death (1997)

7)      Goo Goo Dolls: Dizzy Up the Girl (1998)

8)      Creed: Human Clay (1999)

9)      Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (1999)

10)    Blink 182: Enema of the State (1999)

11)    David Gray: White Ladder (2000)

12)    The Killers: Hot Fuss (2004)

13)    My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004)

14)    James Blunt: Back to Bedlam (2005)

15)    The National: Boxer (2007)

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