Friday, March 27, 2009

Jessi's Reading: Infinite Jest

Jody and I agreed to tackle Infinite Jest last week.  I'd picked it up for jury duty, but then I was canceled for the day and it's been in my backseat, attracting weird comments from a few of my passengers.  She is 60 pages into the book already, which means I have some serious catching up to do.  With most books, this might seem like a tremendous lead; however, our book is 1079 glorious pages.  It's a recession--we need to get our money's worth.  This will be an epic battle to the finish, much like our attempt to beat each other through all of the prior seasons of The Sopranos before the final season began.  She beat me and I am out to avenge my loss.

If you're not ready for Infinite Jest, check out some of DFW's short stories.  Tim's been flying through them.  

Oh and that big book curse...I have a tendency to take huge books on road trips.  I detested I Am Charlotte Simmons, my book on my Vegas/Anaheim/Beverly Hills/Atlanta trip and still go on tirades whenever someone mentions.  Then there was the time I took the Russian to Hawaii. So heavy!  Fingers crossed that I kick the big book while traveling curse!

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