Friday, March 13, 2009

Jessi's Reading 3.13

Tommy loves all things Ricky Gervais and my work husband is really rubbing off on me.

I adore Slate and Metafilter and last week, my two favorite sites came together as Slate author Michael Agger reported on Ask Metafilter, where community members answer each other's questions.  I don't regularly visit that portion of the site, but it's always interesting.  One particular question, "What experience most shaped who you are?" is equal parts touching and heartbreaking.  It took me three days to get through the 215 amazingly honest responses.

An article from The Economist attempts to answer what it is that draws us to music.  

Instead of a typical store-opening party, Diesel drew on our voyeuristic tendencies with their themed window displays with famous people having a live dinner party.  Five different parties were held at the new store on Fifth during Fashion week.  

I've been drinking more than my usual share of wine lately and Evie always laughs as my bottles pile up by my door before going into the recycling.  The Pend d'Preille Winery in Idaho is now selling its wine in refillable bottles.  I love it when my favorite type of red decides to add a touch of green.

At least one artist is making more money in the face of the recession.  Brooklyn artist, Matt Held, is busy painting Facebook profile shots, which are then available for purchase.  

I have a love of typefaces, unfortunately, I'm limited on here by whatever blogger is willing to throw at me.  Being somewhat nerdy, too, I loved this Periodic Table of Typefaces.  

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