Monday, March 2, 2009

Jessi's 40 Miles of Lent!

At least you can see the scary fish when they swim past you in Hawaii.  Not so in the murky waters of the Long Island Sound.

When it comes to Lent, I am all about team competition.  Woody, Weir and I gave up pizza during our second year of grad school, making us miserable to be around as the bars closed in Athens during those 40 days, but we made it through those dark days and our favorite bartender at Courtside kept the pizza ovens on an extra hour for us on Easter Saturday, so we could have our pizza as the clock struck midnight.  This year Weir decided to give up alcohol, but that's one team that Woody and I weren't ready to join.  I blame Texas Independence, St. Patty's and my love of Pinot Noir for this.  

So instead, I'm holding myself to swimming 40 miles and running 40 miles (pending that my knees are still intact by the end of this--the bands seem to be holding them together as we begin).  Yes, I know that this kinda excludes me from Sundays, since they aren't included in the day count, but let's be serious.  I tried to get swim buddy on board, but he's Jewish :)

If the knees make it through this experience, I'm signing up for the triathlon that my neurologist keeps encouraging me to do.  Swim buddy is at least willing to join me for that!

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