Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's time for another extended road trip!

Two of my favorite guys from Vegas and Columbus

After nearly a month at home, I'm been ready to get travel again. I decided to stay in CT this weekend in order to clean, pack and catch up on my sleep. But as things tend to go with me, I was lucky to just get an hour of sleep Sunday morning and filled my weekend with things far more satisfying than a clean house and packed luggage.

So here's the big schedule:

Of course it'll be great to see the family and my brother is even home, but I'm also filling the four days with plenty of Bobcats: The Warners, FBF,* Weir and maybe even some Favre. On an unfortunate note, I will be missing the Canadian's visit to NYC, which means I need to make it up to Toronto sometime soon.

After two days back in New York, I'm heading down to my least favorite city in the U.S. As always I'll be cringing as I count the number of strollers and car seats being loaded onto the plane and thinking inappropriate things about the luggage compartment. Keri will be in town for Arnold Palmer and if I'm lucky I might even get to see my favorite Floridian, Nick I Like.*

From Florida I go straight to Dallas for an evening with Eric, before Stacey gets into town the next night. Our days will then be filled with sushi and big Texas hair. Then it's back to Connecticut for the weekend.

Concert buddy Tom and I are heading up to Boston for an event, which means 6 hours in the car together. I can only imagine the things that will fly out of my mouth on that ride.

Easter in New York with Eric!
This one deserves an exclamation point and I haven't been so excited for a visitor since Woody came for 24 hours! Keri might be a little nervous after she joined us the last time Eric was in town with Nicole, Rich and Jeff, but it should be a blast. If my real brother won't visit at least my fake one will.

Vegas with the Woodys and the real Jason Golden
I have a week back in the office before this trip and will probably need the rest before the excitement of this trip and then it's straight onto SoCal.

San Diego
Yes, it's back to the town that brought you my first nude beach trip with my parents and the see through shower on vacation at the Hard Rock with my two girlfriends two years later. Hopefully there isn't a wildfire and we'll be there for a week, so this girl better come back with a tan. This time Brenda is joining us and the parents swear that we're not heading back to Black's Beach.

After that trip it's the end of April and we'll be heading down to Philly to see Bruuuuce, which means my sangria is coming out and that's a sure sign that summer is here.

*Okay, okay. The nicknames. When I lived with the Canadian, he would always yell at me for calling everyone by name. "Jessi, I don't know these people. Why do you keep calling them by name?" I no longer live with Rich and I no longer refer to the people in my life by their name. Everyone seems to have developed nicknames built from their story or when we're really bored, their city. Some of the nicknamed have even developed a cult like following, mostly followed by Jody, whose day was made with a visit with Woody in Vegas.

When the blog started the few characters that made it onto here were referred to by their nicknames. Then they started reading the blog. This still causes a panic in me when I realize that another friend of mine has found it and what if I were way too open earlier in the blog days. I emailed Jody that I'd have to explain the nicknames over the next few weeks, giving us both a chuckle, so here it is.

FBF, you have Jody to thank for your nickname. While some of our class thought we were secretly dating, Jody knew the truth and started calling you fake boyfriend. Fortunately for you, we like acronyms.

Nick I Like, you can blame Oyster. None of our friends could keep the two Nicks from Alliance straight until we started calling you guys, San Diego Nick and the Nick Jessi Liked--he still thinks our car rides were a lot racier than they were ;). Somewhere along the way your name was shortened to Nick I Like. And yes, this is still used in frequent conversation. It doesn't matter who utters your name, we all seem to like you :)

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