Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am overly excited by Blurb + my ND photos

While this photo is fantastic, it's not making the book...

For years I've wanted to put together my favorite ND campus photos and do a self-published book.  Mostly because I love flipping through them and it was a great few days for Jody and I before graduation, as we raced around campus shooting photos.  Back then our computer hard drives were so small that we had to swing by Kelly's to upload the memory cards and get back to it.  

I continued taking photos when I went back to campus over the next two years and we've whittled the photo collection down to our top 70 or so.  If I ever make it back to ND when the sun is actually out, I'll keep adding to the collection, but the South Bend skies are mostly grey.  

I picked up Adobe Creative Suite this summer with the intention of working on the photo project.  Instead, I designed a cook book for myself.  

Then today I found blurb and my interest is piqued again.  The software has been downloaded and it's my project for my upcoming four-six weeks mostly on the road.  That and reading Infinite Jest.  More on the road trips in the near future.  

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