Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Sickness, Hello Weekend of Relaxation in the Sun

I'm back from the brink of Jessi Sickness. I treat sickness as a miserable few days and get on with it, while trying to gain any sympathy/attention from my family who are hours away. However, Jessi Sickness terrifies Jody:
no, sick jessi makes me sad and worried....i realize that makes me sound all kind and caring, but when you used to get sick in school, you would either end up getting body parts removed or have a cough for like 6 weeks.
The disease also reminded us of when Tony had to take care of me over Thanksgiving in college.

Anyway, I'm better now, I've switched hotels for the rest of the weekend, hit the spa and have been doing laps in the pool. The next few days are all about waunning (you know I'm not ready to run yet), swimming, watching golf at Bay Hill and reading Infinite Jest by the pool.

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