Sunday, March 1, 2009

FBF is Celebrity Stalking in California

Jay and Whitney, not in the city!

FBF is one of my favorite travel companions and his celebrity spotting skills are a terrific added bonus!  I was out last night on his first night in California and woke up to my phone beeping with text messages.  

FBF was jogging and spotted Rivers Cuomo, shouted WEEZER and got a thumbs up from him.  Then he spotted Eve with a blonde weave, but he did really well today when he spotted Jay and Whitney from The City at a pool in Santa Monica.  Being the celebrity spotter that he is, he settled in right next to them (he claims it was the only open spot) and did some serious blackberry photography.

FBF has another six days in California, so we're looking forward to more text updates!

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