Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleveland is Officially Dead

I can't believe how horribly bleak it is in downtown Cleveland.  The Renaissance and The Ritz are both attached to Tower City, what used to be a robust shopping center that battled with the Galleria, but neither had any solid stores to offer.  I went roaming around a bit and even my sinister self was amazed that some restaurant was blaring "Cleveland Rocks" onto the sidewalks with not a happy soul in sight.  

Married friend caught me up on the politics that are stunting any sort of growth or redevelopment.  I'm used to the dismal feelings that accompany my annual trip to Detroit, but still can't get over this.  

In happier news, I did get to see my family last night, before Steve and Jenn headed back to Purdue and Brenda and DJ head to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  Tomorrow it's me, the parents, grandparents and the extended family in A-town, before I head onto Columbus to see my OU guys!  I plan to be camera happy with Weir and FBF, so be prepared!  Until then, here's the sibs and me.  

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