Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And a Housewife I Shall Not Be

I flew from Orlando to Dallas yesterday for my annual reunion with the OU ex-roomie, Eric.  We headed out for some Mexican last night before returning home to a bottle of wine and phone calls with Nicole & Joe.  Eric awoke at some ungodly hour for a breakfast meeting, while I continued to sleep for another few hours.  I'm a firm believer in waking when the sun is out.  Then I woke up to the hell that is housewifedom.  I turned on the Today show around 8, caught up on the internet, talked to Woody and by 9 all I had left to do was shower.  What on earth do housewives do all day?  I'm already losing my mind and have looked in all of Eric's kitchen cupboards.  Fortunately, my cab comes in twenty minutes and it's off to the W in downtown Dallas and some exploring with Stacey once she gets into town.  Dinner tonight with even more OU people as Nick Welsch is in town!  

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