Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Randomness from my travels

The only nice view I found in Cleveland

These are my favorite heels and they're traveling the country with me.

I hate Orlando's airport and the fact that they tore the ceiling off the terminal and exposed all this dust didn't help.  

Dinner with Hedo

This is what happens when you swim 3 miles outside after a winter at the JCC

The dad was rocking an FBI belt buckle.  I am serious about this.  
The Asian media was blocking our view of golfers putting and walking through from our table at the Bay Window.  

Tiger Woods walks through the putting green after hole #9.  We had to ask the asian media to get out of our way!

These are the best golf pants that I have ever seen.  

Remember when Evie and I were the only people watching Swingtown?  This girl looks just like her favorite character.

AG, everybody!!
My Sunday by the pool...

I laughed every time I walked by this couple.  The guy looks like a guy I know that I'm not supposed to talk to anymore, but they can't keep us apart!

The new football stadium in Dallas.  

And a Housewife I Shall Not Be

I flew from Orlando to Dallas yesterday for my annual reunion with the OU ex-roomie, Eric.  We headed out for some Mexican last night before returning home to a bottle of wine and phone calls with Nicole & Joe.  Eric awoke at some ungodly hour for a breakfast meeting, while I continued to sleep for another few hours.  I'm a firm believer in waking when the sun is out.  Then I woke up to the hell that is housewifedom.  I turned on the Today show around 8, caught up on the internet, talked to Woody and by 9 all I had left to do was shower.  What on earth do housewives do all day?  I'm already losing my mind and have looked in all of Eric's kitchen cupboards.  Fortunately, my cab comes in twenty minutes and it's off to the W in downtown Dallas and some exploring with Stacey once she gets into town.  Dinner tonight with even more OU people as Nick Welsch is in town!  

Vote for Foot Play, Please...it's # 10

One of the ND soccer players is finishing a documentary with a few others on their trip playing football (soccer) around the globe.  Their travels are done, they're in the editing process, and are a finalist for $10,000 in Apple equipment from MelroseMAC.  Head here, watch their trailer and vote...for #10, please.  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jessi's Reading: Infinite Jest

Jody and I agreed to tackle Infinite Jest last week.  I'd picked it up for jury duty, but then I was canceled for the day and it's been in my backseat, attracting weird comments from a few of my passengers.  She is 60 pages into the book already, which means I have some serious catching up to do.  With most books, this might seem like a tremendous lead; however, our book is 1079 glorious pages.  It's a recession--we need to get our money's worth.  This will be an epic battle to the finish, much like our attempt to beat each other through all of the prior seasons of The Sopranos before the final season began.  She beat me and I am out to avenge my loss.

If you're not ready for Infinite Jest, check out some of DFW's short stories.  Tim's been flying through them.  

Oh and that big book curse...I have a tendency to take huge books on road trips.  I detested I Am Charlotte Simmons, my book on my Vegas/Anaheim/Beverly Hills/Atlanta trip and still go on tirades whenever someone mentions.  Then there was the time I took the Russian to Hawaii. So heavy!  Fingers crossed that I kick the big book while traveling curse!

Goodbye Sickness, Hello Weekend of Relaxation in the Sun

I'm back from the brink of Jessi Sickness. I treat sickness as a miserable few days and get on with it, while trying to gain any sympathy/attention from my family who are hours away. However, Jessi Sickness terrifies Jody:
no, sick jessi makes me sad and worried....i realize that makes me sound all kind and caring, but when you used to get sick in school, you would either end up getting body parts removed or have a cough for like 6 weeks.
The disease also reminded us of when Tony had to take care of me over Thanksgiving in college.

Anyway, I'm better now, I've switched hotels for the rest of the weekend, hit the spa and have been doing laps in the pool. The next few days are all about waunning (you know I'm not ready to run yet), swimming, watching golf at Bay Hill and reading Infinite Jest by the pool.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sick in the South

I left my house at six this morning to begin the trip south to Orlando and Dallas.  I've been horribly sick since Monday night and thought I should probably wear a SARS mask.  Here's what you need to know.  

I drank two large green teas before even boarding the plane, which was a good indicator of continued liquid consumption throughout the day.  I'm now at over a dozen large green teas and two quarts of OJ.  Now that I'm back at the hotel, Gama says I can change those to hot toddys and screwdrivers.  We love Gama.  

I've showered 5 times today, plus the hour I spent doing laps in the warm pool at the spa.  I feel slightly OCD.

The lady I met with today gave me a box of sanitary wipes as I left the restaurant.  This has furthered my OCD as I wipe down everything I touch.  

I sound like a tranny.  It's bad enough to admit that, but when Woody emails me the voicemail I left him, I know it's really bad.  

Tomorrow I return with hopefully a clearer head and better news...off to bed with the New Yorker.  (okay, that's really multiple copies of The New Yorker.  I'm always behind, but there's a great David Sedaris story about his book tour...yeah, the one that Jeff and I spent 6 1/2 hours at.  Yikes!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thanks to Lent, This is How we Spend our Saturday Afternoons in Ohio

It's been a busy five days in Ohio, as I went from Akron to Cleveland to Alliance to Columbus and back. I got to see most of my extended family, plus some of my favorite Bobcats. The ever elusive Married Friend even made an appearance! I headed to Columbus yesterday to see Weir & FBF for the day/night. Since Weir gave up alcohol for Lent, he was game for kicking the day off at FBF's kickball game with me, plus our dog-for-the-day, Justice. We were the picture of domesticity...or as close as Weir and I will ever be to domestic life.

FBF and I were on the lookout for any members of WAKA, who followed us around the streets of New Orleans with kickballs and mardi gras beads. Fortunately, we didn't find any of the guys who'd accosted Nicole a few years ago.

Thanks to FBF's OCD/ADD, we made multiple stops around Columbus all night--march madness, graduation and birthday parties, cover bands, but we never made it to the Princeton Club. When Weir was with us, FBF drank O'Douls and when he wasn't PBR was the drink of choice, plus some Sapporo in Tetsuro's honor--and yes, we called Japan last night, but only got to talk to his wife.

I'm boarding my flight in an hour and it's back to NY/CT for two days before my Orlando/Dallas trip!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleveland is Officially Dead

I can't believe how horribly bleak it is in downtown Cleveland.  The Renaissance and The Ritz are both attached to Tower City, what used to be a robust shopping center that battled with the Galleria, but neither had any solid stores to offer.  I went roaming around a bit and even my sinister self was amazed that some restaurant was blaring "Cleveland Rocks" onto the sidewalks with not a happy soul in sight.  

Married friend caught me up on the politics that are stunting any sort of growth or redevelopment.  I'm used to the dismal feelings that accompany my annual trip to Detroit, but still can't get over this.  

In happier news, I did get to see my family last night, before Steve and Jenn headed back to Purdue and Brenda and DJ head to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  Tomorrow it's me, the parents, grandparents and the extended family in A-town, before I head onto Columbus to see my OU guys!  I plan to be camera happy with Weir and FBF, so be prepared!  Until then, here's the sibs and me.  

It's Tournament Time!!

These are my two favorite days of the year at work.  Everyone grabs their seats around 11 for the day's games around the TV in the rec room and settles in for the rest of the day with laptops in hand.  Unfortunately, I'm in Cleveland.  

Nevertheless, there's the spread pool to focus on!!  My current teams are Villanova, West Virginia, Western Kentucky, and Purdue.  

And if I haven't already emailed it to you, check out Barack's bracket.

I'm off to explore downtown Cleveland with the hope that I'm not mugged before lunch with married friend in a few hours!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's time for another extended road trip!

Two of my favorite guys from Vegas and Columbus

After nearly a month at home, I'm been ready to get travel again. I decided to stay in CT this weekend in order to clean, pack and catch up on my sleep. But as things tend to go with me, I was lucky to just get an hour of sleep Sunday morning and filled my weekend with things far more satisfying than a clean house and packed luggage.

So here's the big schedule:

Of course it'll be great to see the family and my brother is even home, but I'm also filling the four days with plenty of Bobcats: The Warners, FBF,* Weir and maybe even some Favre. On an unfortunate note, I will be missing the Canadian's visit to NYC, which means I need to make it up to Toronto sometime soon.

After two days back in New York, I'm heading down to my least favorite city in the U.S. As always I'll be cringing as I count the number of strollers and car seats being loaded onto the plane and thinking inappropriate things about the luggage compartment. Keri will be in town for Arnold Palmer and if I'm lucky I might even get to see my favorite Floridian, Nick I Like.*

From Florida I go straight to Dallas for an evening with Eric, before Stacey gets into town the next night. Our days will then be filled with sushi and big Texas hair. Then it's back to Connecticut for the weekend.

Concert buddy Tom and I are heading up to Boston for an event, which means 6 hours in the car together. I can only imagine the things that will fly out of my mouth on that ride.

Easter in New York with Eric!
This one deserves an exclamation point and I haven't been so excited for a visitor since Woody came for 24 hours! Keri might be a little nervous after she joined us the last time Eric was in town with Nicole, Rich and Jeff, but it should be a blast. If my real brother won't visit at least my fake one will.

Vegas with the Woodys and the real Jason Golden
I have a week back in the office before this trip and will probably need the rest before the excitement of this trip and then it's straight onto SoCal.

San Diego
Yes, it's back to the town that brought you my first nude beach trip with my parents and the see through shower on vacation at the Hard Rock with my two girlfriends two years later. Hopefully there isn't a wildfire and we'll be there for a week, so this girl better come back with a tan. This time Brenda is joining us and the parents swear that we're not heading back to Black's Beach.

After that trip it's the end of April and we'll be heading down to Philly to see Bruuuuce, which means my sangria is coming out and that's a sure sign that summer is here.

*Okay, okay. The nicknames. When I lived with the Canadian, he would always yell at me for calling everyone by name. "Jessi, I don't know these people. Why do you keep calling them by name?" I no longer live with Rich and I no longer refer to the people in my life by their name. Everyone seems to have developed nicknames built from their story or when we're really bored, their city. Some of the nicknamed have even developed a cult like following, mostly followed by Jody, whose day was made with a visit with Woody in Vegas.

When the blog started the few characters that made it onto here were referred to by their nicknames. Then they started reading the blog. This still causes a panic in me when I realize that another friend of mine has found it and what if I were way too open earlier in the blog days. I emailed Jody that I'd have to explain the nicknames over the next few weeks, giving us both a chuckle, so here it is.

FBF, you have Jody to thank for your nickname. While some of our class thought we were secretly dating, Jody knew the truth and started calling you fake boyfriend. Fortunately for you, we like acronyms.

Nick I Like, you can blame Oyster. None of our friends could keep the two Nicks from Alliance straight until we started calling you guys, San Diego Nick and the Nick Jessi Liked--he still thinks our car rides were a lot racier than they were ;). Somewhere along the way your name was shortened to Nick I Like. And yes, this is still used in frequent conversation. It doesn't matter who utters your name, we all seem to like you :)

Happy St. Patty's Day!

The best St. Patty's Day ever.  If the luck of the Irish be upon you, you might see our shoulders later.  

Happy St. Patty's Day!  

I have a brand new kelly green dress to wear today, client meeting be damned.  No green beer for me though.  I have some miles to log in the pool and bags to pack once I'm home.   

Monday, March 16, 2009

This registry thing really is the gift that keeps on giving

A few weeks back I was supposed to have jury duty, but that was canceled, so I instead chose to do some secret shopping.  However, this one was unlike my usuals.  I love a good story, but I'm a horrible liar and that day I would be signing up for not one but two bridal registries at different stores.  

I was on the phone with a few friends before beginning this and trying to figure out which of my friends would be my future husbands for the day.  I knew that I needed a real person from my life, so there'd at least be a bit in story that I could improvise from.  Woody and I started eliminating our friends who might get married in the next few years and Jody kept laughing at the prospect of me picking someone who I might actually marry and then having to explain that I'm not psychotic and haven't had our wedding gifts picked out for years.  

Knowing a safe bet when I see one, it was easy to pick our two friends who are unlikely to marry soon, if ever.  I called Eric and said, "Hey we're gonna get married."  "What'd you say?"  "I'm just making a registry, it's okay."  "Yeah, sure.  Let's do it."  Weir didn't pick up his phone and I just left a preemptive apology, told him I had a confession and to call me.  He was only upset that we didn't register at a better place than Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

I'd pretty much forgotten about the registry after the first week.  My friends and I laughed over another strange thing I'd done and it was over in my mind.  Then I came into the office to find a voicemail from the Stamford BB&B, the woman spoke in a concerned voice, "Hi Jessi.  It's Cheryl in China.  I was just looking at your registry and the wedding is coming up soon (on July 11).  Give us a call and we'll make an appointment for your gift selection."

Funny, but nothing compared to the call that I got on Sunday from Eric.

"I have the best story, Jessi."  His ex sent him a text asking "Are you and Jessi getting married?"  With a text like that he had to call her back and she had to admit that she'd been googling him that afternoon.  "I knew you guys were close, but getting married in October?"

My Two Fiancees at the Last OU Wedding

You have no idea the number of fashion foreplay calls that his outfit inspired before the wedding

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jessi's Reading 3.13

Tommy loves all things Ricky Gervais and my work husband is really rubbing off on me.

I adore Slate and Metafilter and last week, my two favorite sites came together as Slate author Michael Agger reported on Ask Metafilter, where community members answer each other's questions.  I don't regularly visit that portion of the site, but it's always interesting.  One particular question, "What experience most shaped who you are?" is equal parts touching and heartbreaking.  It took me three days to get through the 215 amazingly honest responses.

An article from The Economist attempts to answer what it is that draws us to music.  

Instead of a typical store-opening party, Diesel drew on our voyeuristic tendencies with their themed window displays with famous people having a live dinner party.  Five different parties were held at the new store on Fifth during Fashion week.  

I've been drinking more than my usual share of wine lately and Evie always laughs as my bottles pile up by my door before going into the recycling.  The Pend d'Preille Winery in Idaho is now selling its wine in refillable bottles.  I love it when my favorite type of red decides to add a touch of green.

At least one artist is making more money in the face of the recession.  Brooklyn artist, Matt Held, is busy painting Facebook profile shots, which are then available for purchase.  

I have a love of typefaces, unfortunately, I'm limited on here by whatever blogger is willing to throw at me.  Being somewhat nerdy, too, I loved this Periodic Table of Typefaces.  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sam's Alltime Favorite Albums

Click for list official participants & info on joining in!

Sam is the guy in the office who first wows you with his socks, slowly winning you over with everything else.  Oh, and he's got an olive oil store that BRUUUUUCE likes to visit.  We like his music collection so much that if the Jody lived any closer, we'd set them up.  Here's what Sam likes to listen to over and over again:

Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)

Pearl Jam - V.S. (1993)

Bob Marley - Box Set Disc 2
(Sam can pick a box set, because I love him.)

God Street Wine - Bag (1994)

A Tribe Called Quest - People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)

U2 - Achtung Baby (1990)

Bob Dylan:  Blood on the Tracks (1975)

Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

Phish - Rift (1993)

Ray Lamontagne - Trouble (2004)

Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)

Guns ‘N’ Roses - Lies (1990)

David Gray - White Ladder (1999)

My Dad's Alltime Favorite Albums

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My Dad gets full credit for my love and appreciation of music.  After all, my mom only likes 7 songs and we're lucky if she remembers the title of two of them at once.  Dad and I have been on a kick emailing each other random live clips from YouTube and discussing the latest U2 album.  In between email chains, I asked Dad for his top albums.  He's obviously fine-tuned the list over the years and sent me his top three, in order:

1.  Derek & the Dominoes - Layla and Other Associated Love Songs (1970)

2.  Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (1975)

3.  The Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore East (1971)

(Thanks Dad!)