Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have had a Wax Disaster Tonight Folks

The Candle Gods were out to get me tonight...and they haven't come at me since my days in Athens.  Back then I would light the large candle that I kept on top of my bedroom tv (dumb idea, I know) and of course I'd be distracted by something like Patrick Swayze's awesomeness in Roadhouse, the Canadian calling me in for some CSI or the boys quoting one of the official movies of our apartment.  One day I was really distracted and the wax spilled down over the tv screen (they were convex in those days), along my favorite novels and all over the carpet.  

Tonight I was laughing as I lit my Self Defense Candle and took below photo:

 In case you're an idiot, we call it the Self Defense Candle as it's my favorite Ritz scent, but it broke in my luggage coming back in December.  I did not let that deter me and have been firing it up.  Should someone break into my room or Jeremy gets really mad at me for watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance before he gets home, the jagged shards of glass will protect me.

Well, as much as I think Self Defense Candle looks out for me, tonight, the wax spilt all over the frame with the Canadian and I to the point that it's stuck to my large bookcase, then down onto my favorite photo of the pier at Santa Monica and all over my Notre Dame photo album (the later years).  I think the Canadian secretly wished this upon me, after my rather giddy international phone call today.   

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