Monday, February 23, 2009

Sometimes Google Search Results Make Me Giggle

If you didn't know already, I love watching how people end up at the blog.  I'm now used to the usuals and know where all my friends work as a result...however, my favorite part is seeing how people end up here from google search results.  Once someone googled "vampire dominatrix" plus some neighborhood in new york and it brought them to an article where I called my Crazy Asian Roommate, Dawn the Dominatrix.  

After the Super Bowl, I posted video of the Best Crotch Shot EVER after Bruuuuuuuuce aimed hard for the camera as he slid across the stage.  Since then I've been getting all sorts of traffic anytime people google a name I've written about plus crotch.  It's amazing how often people google celebrities' crotches.  Usually I find it strange.  Except for when someone googled "Jason Bateman crotch" and I just said to myself, "ooooo, someone in Tennessee loves Jason Bateman more than me!!"

Isn't he just delicious?

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