Thursday, February 12, 2009

So maybe we should move to Canada afterall!

My Canadian is going to love that headline.  I was going to email him Fareed Zakaria's piece on why Canada is smart and thriving in this global economic downslide, but that felt like admiting defeat on the whose country is better contest.  I don't want to let him gloat aboot it.

While I contemplated marrying the Canadian to get him a green card--I would have, I just don't think he took me seriously or maybe he was afraid that I'm make him take my last name or continue to cook lots of spicy foods; it turns out that you just have to attain a qualifying score on your Canadian worker visa pass to remain permanently in their country.  Why is it so easy to get in there, but so hard to get in here?  My liberal media didn't have to convince me of how irrational our visa practices are after seeing everything my Indian ex-roommate had to go through to stay, plus how hard it was on the Canadian to even contemplate getting a US job.  

So now if The Great Layoff 2009 hits me, maybe I'll head to the great white north and for once it won't be for my usual reasons.  And I secretly love their accents.  

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