Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Other Room + Barbuto

I'm most at home in New York when I'm just roaming the streets, with no plan and open to any possibility.  I was early for dinner on Wednesday and wandered up a few blocks until I found The Other Room on Perry St.    It was soothingly dark, with interesting art on the walls, a great variety of beer and wine, and the bartender shared my musical taste and was great to talk to until my friend arrived and he slowly melted into the background, not before convincing me that it was time to take up snowboarding.  

We were near Barbuto, so I changed my mind on dinner and decided we were going there.  I've only known it in the summer, when there's a breeze moving through the restaurant and the sun still provides a nice warmth on the outdoor tables before it sets later in the meal.  That night the restaurant had a strangely protective feeling, as we entered you could feel the warmth of the kitchen emanating towards our table, the lighting was just right, and the clear garage doors separated us from the dark of the neighborhood streets.  

I had a fantastic evening as I always do with him, making it horribly bittersweet as we left the city for our own places.  

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