Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh did I tell you that last week was a very fat week for my friends and I?

I flew back from Super Bowl that Tuesday after 5 days of over-eating.  Normal people eat three times a day or when I'm home long enough to buy groceries, I like the big lunch with four other small meals throughout the day.  But when you're entertaining corporate guests, you feed them 5-6 large meals a day.  This is not good for anyone, particularly my favorite pair of jeans. 

So we all fly back from an event making serious dates with the pool/running trail/gym and life is supposed to get back to normal and your jeans like you again.

Last week was not one of those weeks.

The NBA invited Andy and I to join them in their suite for the Knicks-Celtics game.  When seats finally opened up near the end of the second quarter, Andy and I broke them within 4 minutes.  

I got home that night and found this website.  I don't eat like that so it made me feel not that fat, even with all the seat breaking.  

I headed into the city with Evie the next day for some fun with Keri before heading to Brooklyn to see Beirut.  

After dropping Evie in the 80s, I headed to Keri's and spotted this license plate.
Traffic was horrible along 2nd so it took me a while to get to Keri, but when I did, her jeans split as she got in the car.  We did not let us deter us, as we drove back around the block to her apartment, grabbed new jeans and headed into the East Village and ended up at this yummy Italian place for drinks and dinner.  

Good, fat times all around.

Oh, and if you need some fat inspiration, check out this list of the top burger joints in the New York area.  Justin A will probably beat me to eating at all of them, but Burgers, Shakes and Fries will always be my favorite.  

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