Thursday, February 19, 2009

NBA All-Star Weekend

I am finally home and don't have any travel scheduled until Florida in 5 weeks, so I'm looking forward to catching up on the east coast.  

I definitely needed FBF with me on this trip, as we had about 12 large guys with lots of bling on my flight back last night, but I could not identify them and my texts to him were not helping matters.  I sat with one guy who got a sext from what I imagine to be a groupie as soon as we landed, judging from the photo she sent him.  

Luckily for those of you at work, my photos are a bit more g-rated.  Hammer still has some of the photos, but here are some of my current'll still have to wait for my favorite family shot 

Paul Pierce, Jessi Lauer, & Tony Parker
Well-lit beer, white wayfarers, and Stacey Brown

My second-favorite family shot of the day.  Uncle Terry Porter, Scottie and the boys.  (I think I participated in Terry's final practice in Phoenix, as he was fired after these two ran our clinic Sunday morning.)

Lisa saw me taking the previous photo and came running forward, yelling, "I'll be the nanny!!"  There are definitely NBA Player Association alerts going out to keep your kids away from the girl with large hair and her asian accomplice.  I love it, anyway. 

Manu stopped by with flowers and his championship trophy to say hi to Stacey.  

Bill Russell & I during our Chalk Talk.  He has a fantastic laugh and told me that I had the best smile in the Western Hemisphere...well, that was back in the green room after this awkward, please don't yell at me while we take our photo smile.  

The 2009 NBA All-Star Game
Napster & I in our suite
DiLillo was heading back to the courtside seats and came running back in, insisting that I get my photo with this guy.  I knew it had to be an American Idol, as nothing excites DD as much as that show.  It was!
Spike Lee was really loving that top hat.  Luda went without one.

They call him Stiff-Arm McCain for a reason.  The best was watching him go down his side of the courtside seats to kiss Maria Shriver, then say goodbye to Eva Longoria, Luda, Nate Dog, Spike Lee and That Guy From Scrubs.
Jesse Jackson & Maria Shriver's Leopard Coalition
Dave and I after the game

Dave, me and Napster after the game
Worst bus ride EVER.  These drunkards squeezed on the bus and decided to sit on each other.  For the next thirty minutes I alternated from declaring this the worst bus ride ever and reminding myself that it was too late call a certain person in Jersey who hates people sitting on each other as much as I do.  

The rest of the current photos are on my facebook link


Philip said...

I don't care if it was awkward. Getting a photo with Bill Russell is cool.

Paul said...

Yeah...go ahead, make fun of McCain's arm. I'm sorry, the next time he won't protect your freedom!

Jessi said...

Woody! I'm still laughing after reading your comment. And is it bad that you've so become Jason Golden in my mind that I thought Phil had written two comments?

Philly--thanks for the awkward smile support. I was afraid that you'd say that I wasn't allowed near your children after my NBA athlete's children stalking :)