Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Kicks were all the rage in Philly this weekend

Occasionally I have to step back from my preferred role as Dressy Jessi and this weekend I pulled out my Espezials to get the job done right.  

After a rather excited call from El while I was in Phoenix, I knew I had to head to Philly where my worlds were colliding that weekend.  Not only did I get to finally meet two of El's closest people, but Jody's circle was going to be there and surprise, surprise, Weins was also invited to the same party.  It was a great reason to jump in my car and head to the city of brotherly love.

We hit an indoor soccer game, where we made friends with a player who later came to the party to find us with some more players.  Unfortunately, they took us to a club while I would've rather stayed with my bar-loving friends after we finally settled down from the karaoke.  The hours with the team at least provided us with some foreign language filled entertainment.  And somehow resurrected my French.

I should be banned from visiting Philly during daylight, lest I start pointing out where national treasures are hiding...damn that Nic Cage movie.  Nevertheless, I did get a cool shot of City Hall.  

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