Friday, February 27, 2009

Me and the Chosen People

Amazinglly, I'm much more flexible than the three year old me

I've hardly been to the JCC in the last six months, but jumped back into my old workouts this week.  I was outed by my swim partner's friend as a non-Jew and he jokingly told me I had to swim in the last lane.  They apparently don't like the sleeper Gentiles.

Last night was a good one, after complaining earlier in the week that I didn't have anything to work out in my head during my hour swims; I had plenty to think about last night and swam my fastest mile.  Yoga was fantastic, too, although my body hadn't cooled down as I ran straight up from the pool and I was dripping with sweat (or cleansing my body as they say), even though our heater wasn't working to do hot room.  

We practice Ashtanga yoga, which focuses on a constant flow, so there's no rests during the 90 minutes.  My body couldn't have been happier; my joints were popping back into place throughout the routine as my body realigned and I melted into the floor at the end of the to finally get back to my previous levels of flexibility.  Plus, there's the added benefit of being able to sleep after yoga, as I don't get home until ten thirty, unwind for a few hours and can easily fall asleep.  That doesn't happen too often for me.

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