Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Local Municipalities are Out to Get Me

Last week was a bad week to open mail in my house. In Florida we had been talking about my last trip to Phoenix, where I saw a bright flash of light on my way to the airport around 4 in the morning. Turns out they have a speeding photo enforcement zone that no one bothered to tell me about. Two of my friends had seen the bright flash of light when they were in Phoenix, one had gotten a ticket and the other is still hiding from the law.

So what did I get in the mail the day after coming back from Florida? This:

That is not the image of a girl that's speeding, that's the image of someone who's either extremely bored with driving or is just trying to stay awake at 4:31 am on her way to the airport after a three city, ten day trip with very little sleep. And when she did sleep that sleep was interrupted by horrible panic attacks.

The ticket gave everyone a good laugh around the office, but still not worth the $181.42 they are trying to extract from me. Has anyone driven with my dad? There's no way we have an ounce of the will to speed in us...but then again, my mother has an extreme lead foot. Just don't tell the Arizona courts that.

Then we come to Monday, the day before I left for Phoenix. I came home to a jury summons for next Thursday. So while I'd taken vacation for the three remaining days of next week after my return, I will instead be sitting in a court waiting to do my civic duty. I'm hoping to get my hands on Infinite Jest and will begin that during my long day(s) in the courthouse. It's time to return to reading, I've given myself enough time to heal after the Russian, with minor Vonnegut treats along the way.


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Nicholas said...

Sounds like you need a lawyer in Florida...

Jessi said...

Ahhh, NIck! I've been waiting 25 years for you to rescue me ;)