Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jessi's Reading 2.5.9

Hey there. I had lots of lots of windows opened to keep reading while I was on the road, then I had some computer's what I remembered and some that have been in my inbox forever.

The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag - I immediately wanted to send this to the row upon reading, particularly because there's a certain person in our office who is guaranteed to be the first to get to free food and if any food goes missing, everyone assumes it was her.  One of our favorite things to do is to set some leftover food in the kitchen, send a company email about the cake or sweets or brussel sprouts and watch her come running.  If you've got one of those in your office, grab these painted sandwich bags that make it look like your food is moldy.

I adore everything this graphic designer/illustrator does for NYT.  His nostalgia for New York continues from his new post in Berlin with I LEGO N.Y.  And be sure to check out his previous posts too.  The subway one still tugs at my heart each time I look at it.  

Jody will tell you that I'm a Rough Tough Jessi, but even I'm not sure if I could handle England's Tough Guy Challenge.  Jeremy--get the barbed wire course ready in the backyard for me!

This is mostly a note for myself to check out the Pop International Gallery on my next NYC walkabout.  It's currently hosting a beautifully lit collection of Marilyn Monroe photos.  

Kelly and I like expensive clothing and accessories.  Fortunately, I'm usually too sick to my stomach to actually purchase the items which end up back on the rack.  Kelly, however, was lucky enough to get her favorite pair of shoes this winter.  This article on an Alexander McQueen purchase brought back all those feelings of love, coupled with anxiety, that come about on a fantastic shopping trip.  I just need Kelly to visit so that we can get another bag at Bag!  I could care less about jewelry, but a nice purse (without any of those damn logos) will make my season.  

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SARAHSPY said...

ha, that bag is hilarious. hope it wouldnt get my lunch thrown away though!