Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to New York for a busy week

I'm packing my bags, waiting for room service and am almost ready to head back to CT/New York for a busy, busy week before leaving for Phoenix.  Fingers crossed that there are not many families on my flight back.  The New York to Orlando flight always has me laughing as I'm reminded of Jeff's explanation that children belong in the luggage compartment during a flight.  Since I'm the one who flies a lot, I like to occasionally throw that out to my seat companions when I a loud one is near us.  Most people recoil in horror, but some of them lock eyes with me in solidarity.

Tonight we're heading to the 19th Annual Tibet House Benefit curated by Phil Glass.  I bought tickets as soon as I got the morning email from The National, but am looking forward to seeing some of the other artists and it'll be my first trip to Carnegie Hall.  I'm taking Isaac tonight and we're both excited to get back home and check this out tonight.

I thought I'd have a little bit of time to relax this weekend, but I'm going to the Knicks/Celtics game on Friday night to catch up with everyone before heading to All-Star, then I have tickets to see Beirut at BAM as part of the Sounds Like Brooklyn music festival.  I was dreaming last night of a new venue in Brooklyn and am still bummed that I'm missing a few of the festival shows while I'm in Phoenix next week.  I need my quarterly dose of The Loom and I'm still wanting to see Motel Motel.  

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