Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That's a lot of Butter!

A certain relative of mine might have a tendency to buy things in bulk.  This created a fantastic game for Jody in college as we would play guess how many boxes of cereal, rolls of gift wrap, laundry detergent would be in the house at once.  Then when I was home from grad school, I opened the fridge to find this.  The photo has been passed around among my friends and I was reminded of it at William Eggleston's photography exhibit at The Whitney a few weeks ago.  He had some fun fridge photos, but none with as much butter as my mother!

If you're afraid of turning into a butter hoarder or maybe like me you developed a slight addiction to the Scottish peanut butter you found abroad and brought jar upon jar home, this chart will clue you in as to when it's time to toss it.  Those perishables go bad much sooner than you'd expect!  I keep telling my mom to print it out for her fridge right next to the adorable kid photos of me. 

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