Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So I'm Going to Miss LOST Tonight...

Hey--if you're my friend and not an anonymous stranger on the blog, DO NOT RUIN LOST FOR ME.  I won't be back in my house until next Wednesday, so please no spoilers.  There is a good chance of me hiding and watching in my hotel room late, late at night when I should get a few precious hours of sleep.  I didn't even get to read Doc Jensen until last Sunday night--a sin, I know!  

While I've given up on Kate ever having a solid love story on or off the island, I have nothing but love for Penny and Des(mond).  Ebele and I were emailing over the last week and I couldn't help but watch the constant again as we discussed our LOST loves.  I'm a sap (shhh!  don't tell anyone) and it makes me think of the constant in my life, although with my luck he has no idea and I'd be lost to some wrinkle in time ;)

Watch and if you aren't touched, you have a heart of stone, just like my little sister.  

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