Monday, January 26, 2009

Jessi's Reading 1.26.8

Okay, two quick posts here.  

I tend to scan the headlines at Pitchfork, read the guest list and occasionally click on something.  Last night I went for an article about 808s & Heartbreak and ended up in the midst of a touching tribute to a friend.  So interesting how one event can completely remove most of your music library from potential listening, while you hone in on that one album that fits.  

I wanted to post the Pitchfork article last night, but I needed something to temper its mood and found it this morning in Slate's piece on Billy Joel.  (Confession:  I once made a Best Hits by Jessi of Billy Joel and it ended up needing to go on 2 discs, as maybe two or three songs couldn't fit on the first one.  It was a struggle to fill the second one, even with a BJ loving friend's collection so readily accessible.) 

Pianoman kicks off Rosenbaum's song-by-song analysis.  How could he miss the Pavlovian response that this song creates in me (and others)?  Ever since a trip in 2002, I hear this song, my body starts to shut down, and I need to be in a bed before the final chord, giving me just a few minutes to sway with my drink in hand, before darting upstairs to brush my teeth and fall into bed. While this might cure me of my insomnia, I'd much rather lay in bed listening to my favorite heartbreak albums of the last year, waiting for sleep to finally grace me.

P.S.  I'm already waiting for the 'Jessi--how dare you say that about BJ?' from a few fans in my life.

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