Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Time for Another Road Trip!

The Shannon

Hey there...it's after midnight and my bag is nowhere near being packed, but that's okay, because in 8 hours I'll be on a plane heading south for the week.  Sure, it's to Orlando, one of my least favorite cities (See PGA Show trip with Tommy), but it's horribly cold up north and I need to get out of here.

While I'm still not sleeping, I'm at least mentally refreshed after a weekend with some of my favorite college friends in CT & Hoboken.  It was fantastic being with the three of them and something that I was in desperate need of...they're like home to me, minus that whole boring state of Ohio thing.  After the world's worst buck hunter experience, I redeemed myself at darts...possibly with a little too much celebration.  (Kelly, if the wall hadn't been there, I would've had a trip to rival the best of yours.)

I'll be back in a week and hope to accomplish the following things in Florida:
-Gain any sort of color on my ghostly body
-Wake up super early to swim a few mornings in the outdoor pool
-Reunite with Boom Boom, who I haven't seen since Pro Bowl '07.  Let's just say he enjoyed me a little more than Jeff Garcia, which isn't saying much :)

Where's your hand Boomer?  Oh there it is, on my hip.  

Boom Boom is good, but Romo is better.

Next Tuesday I'm flying back in the afternoon for a few hours of roaming around the city, before hitting the Tibet House Benefit at Carnegie Hall.  And best of all, The National are performing so I'll get to see them again before they hit the studio.  Plus, this is my first trip to Carnegie.  I am such a transplant.

(This song as the second encore made my night at BAM last February.  It's all I wanted to hear and after they did the usual encore, I didn't think it would happen, but the music gods were looking down on me that weekend.)

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