Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a sleepy girl, but still excited by what i like to call "football in florida"

what a long day in orlando, so long that i'm going to write in all lower case and we haven't even gotten close to sunday yet!  my body aches so much that i can't wait to get a massage when i'm home, even though i went on an indefinite hiatus after that incident in hawaii, which i am currently laughing about all by myself in my hotel room.  and why i share that story is beyond me.  also, why i answer the phone in the middle of the night and pretend that i've been awake all along is something that i don't get.  its even better when your friend who calls just laughs at you and yells lauer go back to sleep, i deny that i was ever asleep and then chat for twenty minutes in delirious jess voice.  

okay, i'm rambly.  things are good down here, even with the body aches and lack of sleep-i'd be ready to embrace my insomnia if i had someone to keep me company like back at nd when i'd roam campus at all hours, wishing for sleep.  

onto today's celebrity sightings!  i'm sharing a floor with jessica simpson and michael phelps (who are not in the same suite).  haven't seen romo yet, but matt ryan is here and his girlfriend has fantastic legs, which i almost told her.  howie long is here, too.  we're still trying to figure out who the humongous man in the blue ferrari might be.  

and if you're wondering what the boss might play on sunday, rumor has it that dress included tenth avenue, btr, working on a dream, and glory days.  we'll see how good my sources are on sunday.  

i'm diving into bed for a few hours...

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