Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Need FBF Down Here for Celebrity Identification

Can you pick this guy out of a crowd? I can't.

Yesterday when we were checking into the hotel, a bunch of tall dudes in practice gear rolled through the lobby. I said, well those must be basketball players and just as I was spotting the Pacers on their uniform, Mike spotted Hibbert walking by and beat me to the realization of who these guys were. Since then, we've seen a lot of large guys, who must be football players.

I am awful at this celebrity spotting. FBF is just the opposite. Whenever we traveled together, he was always finding random celebrities, all the way down to the D-list. Only FBF would know what Elliott from ET looks like 20+ years later while we're out in L.A. or know that a former player from the Pistons in the 70s was eating a few tables from us at an airport Chili's. Then there's the night we were out and Ja Rule was a table away from us. When a fight broke out, FBF was convinced it was going to be a gun fight and threw me up against a wall and wouldn't let me out from behind him. Maybe his celebrity spotting and making friends with the paparazzi on that trip went too far as he jumped to conclusions over a little fist fight. Either way, I wish he were here.

(To this day it still makes me smile that FBF's most noble/honorable moment came at a club in L.A., as he likes to remind me that he was willing to take a bullet for me.)

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