Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day from Me, Plus Freeland & Daft Punk!!

Welcome to office, Barack and Biden!  I missed the fun of live blogging or joining the live emails between Jody and Woody and the sports agency might have lost about 120 billable hours today, as we could all be found around the office TVs watching the inauguration--but this is history or at least that's what we kept telling our bosses before they ended up joining us.

I'm still feeling the post-inauguration excitement and had to share this little electronic gem that showed up in my inbox this afternoon.  Unfortunately, we all know that I'll be hearing it over and over as I fail to fall asleep again tonight, but the fact that Woody will be hearing it in his head all day tomorrow completely makes up for it.  

From Adam Freeland's Daft Punk mashup, here's Aer Obama, full of mixed media and stop motion videography.  A labor of love, you might call it.  

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