Friday, January 30, 2009

Celebrity Sighting! I've Only Got Eyes for Archie

Peyton or Eli?  I don't really care, there's only one blue-eyed Manning that makes my heart beat faster.  We were walking through the hotel to dinner last night and completely blew past Eli and wife in the elevators without realizing who they were.  Of the nine of us, only one picked them out and everyone still questioned her, but coming back from dinner our paths crossed again and this time Archie was with them!  I spotted that man from a few football fields away in the cavernous hallways connecting the Ritz and the JW.

I get really excited when I see Archie, in person or on TV and this all dates back to grad school when we were working in New Orleans (pre-Katrina, but with plenty of hurricanes consumed by the group).  We held an event at the Super Dome and Archie was our celebrity that night.  While Amy and I kept running in and out of the tunnel in an attempt to produce the perfect photo, Mr. Manning was coming through.  We started chatting with him, took a photo and asked him to run through the tunnel with us.  "Ladies, these knees haven't run in 20 years," he tells us.  "Okay," I said, "we'll just fast walk then."

The New Orleans weather gave me some serious Monica hair.  

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