Friday, January 16, 2009

08 Retrospective...Part 5

Yay!! While writing a retrospective is fun and turns me all nostalgic, having to post it can drag on for days, which turn into weeks. Here's the final part of our series, which was supposed to cover five consecutive days, but I'm a tired girl most night after the pool or yoga!!

OBAMA! - You had me at hope. You had me at hope! So what, not only are you following W in the presidency, but the world is in the shitter, all those rich finance people have 4ucked up the world, and a bunch of groups want to annihilate each other. But you, my beautiful, awe-inspiring almost-president are already in DC and I am still full of hope and ready for change. Also, you were a fabulous way to vet anyone I met in ’08, because we all know that Jessi could never settle down with a Republican (okay, minus a few, very select guys, but I never said that aloud, blog).

Seeing Bon Iver - I go to concerts because I love the music, but there’s always that hope of that occasional show that turns into something communal, almost spiritual...where you are no longer just yourself, but part of a random group of music-loving strangers in some hall in Brooklyn. This show was that for me--and as often as I'd heard the collective chorus of the audience on the live tapes of his shows, it still gave me a slight chill when everyone joined in on The about a collective heartbreak.

I first found Bon Iver after reading the comments on nyctaper’s The National at BAM concert, where someone asked what song the band walked out to--turns out that it was Flume and nyctaper was recording Bon Iver and Black Mountain the next day. Then came the album, and the numerous shows on NPR, before I finally saw him live at the end of July. After that show, I knew that it was unlikely to be topped for awhile, making it the perfect culmination to a magnificent stretch that began with The National and Dax Riggs at the end of February.

I adore Justin Vernon's story, but kept watching Mike Noyce playing on stage--he'd taken guitar (and life) lessons from Justin while he was growing up. When Justin started touring, he put in a call to Mike who decided to leave college and join him. When I saw them this spring, it was just a few days after Mike's 21st birthday. How remarkable and amazing to be presented with such a unique opportunity to travel the country with your old friend and teacher.

The Blog Correspondents - I didn’t even tell my closest circle about this thing until a few months in, but they jumped at the idea of being a correspondent. Now just to get some photography lessons for Jody, to stop being jealous of the shows Kelly sees and to convince Woody that Vegas cover bands and country shows are not the best. Thanks to Phil and Em for their spontaneous contributions to the blog, too. You make me laugh and smile as I read your emails and I'm looking forward to more blurry photos and concerts in 2009.

The Waterfalls in NYC - I thought it was odd during the day, but they looked gorgeous gazing across to Brooklyn from the South Street Seaport.

Throwing Plates - I see Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and all I want to do is throw plates at a certain someone for weeks. Luckily for him, he lives a little ways away and is usually oblivious to my rage or else he might have had a serving platter, dinner plate, salad plate or saucer thrown at him. Once I reached the saucer size, we knew I was okay again.

Also, one of your friends should never tell you that you remind him of the Scarlett Johansson character before you see the movie, as you will psychoanalyze yourself the entire time. Nevertheless, I’ve always loved Penelope Cruz and fully embrace her crazy plate throwing at her ex-lover.

St. Patty’s in Chicago - Thank you work travels for letting me spend most of March in Chicago with The Kelly, Dominic, Emily, Mary, Chrissy and Ned, among others. We had brunch on St. Patty’s Day, then spent the next 11 hours or so at the corner table in the bar. Nicole from OU managed to find me later in the evening. Kelly and I showed a lot of shoulder.

Dax Riggs - Such a mournful voice from the bayou with songs about death and sadness, but I could listen to him forever. My brother introduced me to Dax, then playing as Deadboy and the Elephantmen six years ago and I’d only seen him at Lollapalooza before catching him at Maxwell’s in Hoboken with maybe 50 other people. I made a new friend that night who was equally obsessed with Dax, bought Dax a drink after she left and didn’t even have to walk all the way back to Court Street that night. I'm still kicking myself that my brother couldn't make it in for the weekend, but it was fun to call and text him throughout.

Maine with Mom & Dad - My parents met me in Boston where I was working and we headed up to Maine for a long weekend together. We came to know the streets, lighthouses and waters of Portland, while a trip to Acadia made for a beautiful day.

Joey Hebdo - While I never wrote about Joey during the year, I did occasionally refer to him as Dread Zeppelin, our nickname for him when we lived in Athens. Little did I know that Dread Zeppelin is a reggae Zep cover band until people started googling them :) During grad school, you could usually find Kupper, Woody, Phil, occasionally Joe, and I at the Blue Gator for open mic night and Joey (plus a girl named Sophie) were the reasons we went. Joey released an album with his post-college band, Black Coin, after I moved to Connecticut, then he went solo and headed west this year to pursue things. His late night updates always brightened my evenings or early mornings and gave me something to devour musically while I got ready in the morning. I owe the boy a proper post, but my favorite musical secret had to at least be revealed as each new email/song post gave my guys and I something to get excited about throughout the year and took us back to those nights in Athens.

Stephen Malkmus’s We Can’t Help You - This video puts me at ease like no other and reminds me favorite tour guide in Austin.


Anonymous said...

Woody and I would like to think that we make your list of marriage-able conservatives. Alas, we are both taken.

And something tells me that the arrival of the wee little one is going to put a damper on my efforts to be your Baltimore correspondent.


Jessi said...

Phil! I cannot admit to considering so many crazy Republicans as life partners! Besides, you two are already married, so I don't even have to worry about adding you to the count ;)

Hope little Andrew is doing well and we'll excuse you from correspondent duties until you become restless and well-rested. Nevertheless, I'm gonna give you cool dad like Jason Bateman in Juno status, minus that wanting to leave the wife thing.