Wednesday, January 7, 2009

08 Retrospective...Part 3

It's day we go with more from 08!

Coffee by Motel Motel - I hate the smell and taste of coffee, but I’ve declared my love for this song since I first heard it. Unfortunately, that was around the time of CMJs and I was in San Francisco for their November show and I’ll be at NBA All-Star for their February show, so please, please play some shows when I’m not trapped in a hotel for work in some far-off land.

My Bobcats with The Woodys!

Woody and I

Woody’s Wedding in Texas - One of my very best friends married the love of his life, who I finally met at the wedding, this June. My favorite Bobcats made the trek to San Antonio for the wedding, we danced (maybe too aggressively) on the dance floor, we had wardrobe malfunctions, we did a photoshoot on a rock, and we drank massive amounts of margaritas. Now for the next OU reunion--will it be in the states, Canada or Japan? God knows none of us are getting married anytime soon :)

Being Anti-establishment at a Punk Show - I used to be quite intimidated by shows in Brooklyn, I knew they’d all be dressed alike and I didn’t exactly do that. Then Brett explained to me that while the hipsters try to be anti-establishment with their wardrobe, they all look the same and carry the same polaroids (sorry about that whole not making anymore film thing). So I decided to be anti-establishment and wear a cute white sundress to the No Age show. I most certainly did not fit in, but the show was one of the best ones I saw this year.

Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook - Soccer Luke introduced me to Sigur Ros when he stayed here a few years ago. Fast forward to this summer, I fall in love with this single, the video is fantastic and it’s now my ringtone. Evie doesn’t want me to answer my phone until the very end so she can dance to the song, while seatbuddy Justin A. (who only listens to rap from the 90s) always yells when my phone goes off at work.

I heart you David Sedaris

David Sedaris Signing - Would I ever have guessed that it was going to take 6 hours to get through that line? Good god, no. (Kelly, I’m still jealous that it was a much smaller crowd in Chicago!) But I have my book signed and David asked about my church-going like a good parent, before diving into a lecture.

The Loom at The Bell House

Rediscovering John Fanning of The Loom - So random, but it’s been enjoyable seeing him and the band along with China in the crowd & at the merch table throughout the year. And it gives me more reasons to trek to Brooklyn during rush hour from Connecticut.

Nothing like a Frenchman in a foreign language Simpsons t-shirt

The Teenagers - I tried convincing my favorite guy to come to the show with me when I got to Hoboken, then thanked the music gods that he stayed at the apartment waiting while I was at the show. I love their French goofiness and overly fantasized lyrics. I was even more delighted to realize that they were opening for Vampire Weekend the night before the show. No one dances in New York, but Quentin attempted to coax the audience into following his dancing lead.

Attempting to Read Crime & Punishment - Okay, so maybe this didn’t make me smile that much. But it did teach me that it’s okay to put down a book every so often. Maybe it’s just that I hate the really heavy books that I drag on trips with me....nevermind, I was completely justified in hating I Am Charlotte Simmons on our Vegas/Beverly Hills/Atlanta trek.

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals - Nick Brown, I never give you credit for your hip hop and pop songs from prime time soap operas with initials like GG and OTH, but this video made me laugh for days. However, it ruined The Perfect Storm’s ending when Mark’s character is about to drown at sea and starts talking to his girlfriend back in Massachusetts. “Can you hear me Christine? I’m talking to you.” It then gets really mushy, but I’m picturing the SNL skit.

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